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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 10, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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we have to roll. see you at noon on "out numbered." that's one hour away. got it, bye-bye. >> jon: a fox news alert as deadly flames tear through california wine country. at least 11 people are dead in a rash of wildfires with 100 others injured. the flames broke out sunday night sparking more than a dozen fires in napa and sonoma counties. tens of thousands of people fleeing their homes for safety. >> got to a point where the flames were pretty call. 40, 50, 60 feet. we could feel the heat. that's when we decided to leave. >> jon: the fires have destroyed 1500 homes so far and businesses. there is no timeline for when the fires might be contained. windy conditions seem to be dying down today which should help the firefighters. we have a live report from adam housley in napa coming up.
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the president and his plans for obamacare with action expected just days from now. good morning to you, i'm jon scott. >> melissa: i'm melissa francis. president trump said to be putting the finishing touches on an executive order to allow small businesses for other groups to band together to buy health insurance and they would be able to cross state lines in order to get it. the move comes after repeated failures to repeal and replace obamacare in congress. the plan is not without controversy. white house correspondent john roberts is live with the story. >> good morning to you. the president is on thursday according to sources telling fox news to sign an executive order that would allow certain individuals to band together in what are called healthcare associations in order to use the power of numbers to buy healthcare at a lower rate and by across state lines to get the best rate available. the president tweeting this morning, quote, since congress can't get its act together on healthcare, i will be using the power of the pen to give great
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healthcare to many people fast. the idea of allowing people to band together in these so-called association is championed by rand paul who likes this idea tweeting this morning, quote, this will be a great plan and a big deal for millions of americans. i have been working @ real donald trump for months on this. details soon. the executive order will have limitations, though. won't completely change the rules about selling healthcare across state lines and there is no framework yet for how people would band together in associations and which people would be allowed to do it. the president, by the way, still wants the take another shot at repeal and replacing obamacare next year. in an interview with forbe magazine he insists obamacare is on the verge of collapse and it is not his fault. the president saying what we're doing is trying to keep it afloat because it is failing. the insurance companies are fleeing and have fled. they fled before i got here. with that being said, obamacare
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is obama's fault. it is nobody else's fault. there are some health insurers worried about the proposed change the president will come up with fearing it could destabilize the small business group and individual market. this is something the president promised when he was on the campaign trail and as president that is part of repeal and replacing obamacare he would allow people to buy across state lines. he is making good on at least part of that pledge. repeal and replacing obamacare is still elusive. by the way, we should mention that an hour from now the president will be getting together for lunch with his defense secretary james mattis and the secretary of state rex tillerson. to be a fly on the wall in that lunch, melissa. >> melissa: i would settle for being a server. i could pass out the rolls. i would be happy to pour water, anything to get throws clowes -- close to that. it should be interesting. thanks for the report. >> jon: for more on the
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president's expected executive action on obamacare let's bring in the deputy managing editor of the weekly standard and the chief washington reporter at the boston herald. the tweet, kimberly, from the president expressed his dissatisfaction with congress in not getting something done on obamacare. huge campaign promise of the republicans. the fact that he has decided now to do this, the question is, can he? does he have the executive authority to issue the kinds of changes? >> it depends on exactly what this executive order does. you're right. this is born at least in part out of frustration by the president that congress failed to repeal and replace and we've seen him make many tweets about that. so this plan as you mentioned to form these sort of association plans where small businesses, small groups can band together and get coverage depends on how far it goes. for example, if he tries to allow individuals to buy into these plans the same way they
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can buy into the marketplace, there are some experts who say that goes beyond the scope of the law. it is going to have a legal challenge either way. there are people opposed to these measures because some economic healthcare experts i talked to worried that by creating these plans that don't cover pre-existing conditions and are really something that healthier people can buy for a lower cost, it will shift all the sicker people to the more traditional plans that do have to meet the obamacare requirements and this will destabilize the markets and really cause insurers to pull out more quickly, perhaps that's what the president wants. he talks about how obamacare is failing and collapsing. perhaps this is a way to speed that process. >> jon: if the devil is in the details, one of the details, are they talking about offering these new plans this year? because there is only three calendar weeks left in october and the health insurance buying season starts november 1. >> exactly, jon.
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you have to wonder when they are going to start this and did they realize how quickly they need to get this going if they're going to offer it for this year? i think they must want to do something quickly as you just showed on your screen. premiums have gone up by 50% in some states and i thought that donald trump in talking about his power of the pen might have been echoing obama a little bit there who often talked about how he can rule by a phone call or a pen and so i wonder how democrats are going to have trouble arguing that donald trump is doing something illegal when president obama did the same thing a number of times himself. >> jon: sticking with you, kelly, for the moments. there are some things that were added through sort of executive fiat to obamacare. >> that's right. i have think this would be a decent first step and all americans should be able to buy plans that don't offer the full menu of benefits that obamacare specified. in fact, some of those benefits
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that we hear the plans have to offer were put in under executive order or agency rules. the contraceptive mandate. one of the most controversial parts of obamacare. that is not in the affordable care act itself. that was a rule put in by health and human services. president trump could have gotten rid of that entirely if he had wanted to. he decided to keep it and just to add a few more exceptions but there are a number of things like that that aren't part of the law and don't have to be part of any sort of healthcare bill. i'm surprised that the president and administration haven't taken steps to get rid of some of those rules. >> jon: rand paul is one of the senators who helped torpedo some of the earlier repeal and replace efforts. he seems to like what the president is proposing here. does it bode well for the future of this proposal? >> i think it does. i think it shows that rand paul is one of the key people who, as you said, were opposed to
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graham-cassidy and the skinny repeal because it does not -- because those measures did not repeal obamacare. he is interested in repealing obamacare. it makes me wonder if it's a measure to quicken its demise if it destabilizes the markets. the problem is people want more affordable healthcare, yes. the issue this could bring up is what bill clinton talked about on the campaign trail during the presidential race. he got in trouble for saying how middle class or upper middle class people who buy on the exchanges are going to bear the brunt of the costs of any destabilization on these markets and really send those people who don't qualify for subsidies. their healthcare rates soaring. the craziest thing about obamacare. he is right. >> jon: let's turn to immigration reform. the so-called dreamers and democrats.
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here is what president trump tweeted earlier today. the problem with agreeing to a policy on immigration is that the democrats don't want secure borders, they don't care about safety for the usa. kelly jane, take that one on. is this presidential -- he got nowhere with democrats. >> it proves the deal he supposedly struck with chuck and nancy as he now likes to call them really wasn't much of a deal at all. it sort of proves the democrats are not willing to negotiate at all. trump did -- these are very, very serious policies that a lot of even moderate republicans don't agree with. you might think perhaps trump this was his first play. he likes to consider himself a great negotiator. you start from a position of strength. nancy pelosi was so upset by these proposals she said there is nothing to negotiate. we don't have the same values.
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i'm not sure why president trump ever thought he could somehow make a deal with the democrats on healthcare and immigration when they are so opposed to even changing the system a little bit in favor of the sorts of things donald trump and a lot of americans want to see. >> jon: it does seem like he opened with, you know, his strongest possible hand kimberly. but the reaction from democrats was this is an non-starter. we won't even talk to you about this. it's hard to get a negotiation going from a standpoint like that. >> it seems to me these demands were a signal particularly to his base and to conservatives. that said look, even though i had this meeting with chuck and nancy i haven't forgotten the principles i campaigned on. i want a wall, i want strong security. i want to limit even legal immigration. that was like an opening salvo to this discussion. and then people can come together. remember that for the issue of
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daca, these recipients and dreamers brought into the country illegally when they were children, there is broad support both among the american people and bipartisan support here in congress for addressing that issue. if they can focus on that, maybe come to some other agreements, add onto it a little bit, that is one way that you could possibly get to an agreement. i just think that either if the president digs in too hard on these demands or if leader pelosi on the other hand threat ens things like a shutdown. no american wants that. that's not a good negotiating point, either. they have to get back to someplace in the middle that could be a starting point. >> jon: let's set aside the wall. he is calling for more border patrol agents, no judges to hear cases involving border transgressions. that kind of thing. it is all about securing the border and just the response from democrats surprises me that they don't even want to talk about some of those things.
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>> you might be surprised. i have to admit i'm not shocked the democrats aren't willing to give an inch. ever since president trump was elected they really just hate him so much they don't want to give him anything that might be construed as a win. the immigration debate for years now people have had a back and forth. moderate republicans want a little bit under a little more open to amnesty than the hard line republicans and there has always been -- always been a decision that in exchange for helping out people -- immigrants who came here illegally and to deal with them. especially people like the dreamers who came not of their own accord, in exchange you will increase border security. otherwise you are just telling everybody around the world come in here because this is what is going to happen in the end. you'll get amnesty. that has been part of the debate from the beginning. the democrats are really just basically giving up the last decade of the way washington
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has been working on the subject. >> jon: thank you both. >> melissa: iran warning the u.s. that if the nuclear deal goes south, there will be consequences. plus las vegas metro police changing the timeline of the sunday night massacre saying it started earlier than they first thought. and it's changing the way they are approaching the investigation. >> we believe he decided to take the lives he did. he had a purposeful plan that he carried out.
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nuclear development for now. president trump is expected to announce a decision on the deal this week. he also could call on iran's revolutionary guard as a terrorist organization. iran says all options are on the table if that happens. >> even though we have been talking about the numbers of people who attended the concert and the number of victims injured or killed you really don't understand the magnitude until you see the rows and tables of personal belongings. >> melissa: that was sheriff lombardo in the press conference yesterday when police changed the timeline of the las vegas massacre. they say the first shot was actually fired at 9:59 last sunday night. that is six minutes earlier than they originally thought. it is an important distinction. stephen paddock's first shot was not at the crowd. instead we now know it was the shot that wounded a security
8:18 am
guard. officials previously thought paddock shot the security guard after killing 58 people and injuring hundreds more. joining me now is sergeant sean larkin from the tulsa, oklahoma police department, a member of the gang unit and also an analyst for the a & e reality show "live p.d." this is a huge development. he unleashed 200 shots into the hallway and wounded the police officer before he started shooting at the crowd. what difference does it make in your mind? >> he was still in the process of getting things set up. he had the mindset, the means of being the weapons he had to do what he was going to do at the crowd. my guess is he was still in the process of getting that ready and when the security guard just showed up, it was the catalyst that kicked this off a few minutes earlier. >> melissa: he shot the guard. it is unclear -- we're seeing differing reports about whether -- it was the security guard at the hotel. not a police officer and different reports whether the
8:19 am
security guard was able to radio in and let people know he had been hurt or what happened then. does it change your mind about -- the man was injured, he was hailed as a hero for stopping the shooting. but in fact it all happened before. does it mean that people should have moved faster? what is your assessment? >> you know, with him getting shot, whether or not how fast he was able to radio down to the other security officers there in the hotel, the public needs to understand these things take minutes from the time an incident happen, the call goes into a 911 call taker, goes to a dispatcher and gets broadcast out to officers. the officers have to respond. there as far as using the term hero for initially we thought this is what stopped him from shooting at the crowd. still him showing up there, getting shot at least allowed the responding officers once things started to know exactly where to go to. >> melissa: to know where they were. >> exactly.
8:20 am
>> melissa: another detail that we got was that he was drilling a hole into the next suite. they didn't figure out what that was about. what is your guess on that one? >> i know he was -- had use small metal plates to the stairwell coming up to the 32nd floor to try to barricade that against entry. fortunately the team that moved up there had a hand held breaching device. with the cameras he had set up he could have been trying to set up additional cameras. he could have been possibly trying to mount a weapon to be fired at officers as they responded into the hallway. just as i said at the beginning here i think he was still in the process of setting up the way he had wanted this thing to go down. >> melissa: they also said they found medication in the room. they didn't specify what that was all about but that raises more questions that he shot 200 rounds into the hallway as well and that he checked in on the 25th, not the 28th. all small details but if you
8:21 am
put them together, does it tell you that the hotel didn't have enough security? >> no, not in my opinion. a lot of people are talking about how could he have gotten all this stuff in his room without anybody noticing? this guy appeared just to be a regular-looking guy. he comes there regularly to gamble. nothing about him has stood out to anybody else leading up to this that has been odd. with the hotel of that size being las vegas, people are coming in and out of the lobbies, the rooms, the elevators all day long and so if he didn't do anything to draw any attention to him i think it would have been very difficult to spot. >> melissa: that makes sense. sergeant sean larkin, thank you for your time. >> jon: in mississippi a teen killed in a small town there almost three years later now the murder trial is beginning. plus. the race is on to contain raging wildfires in california. we're live on the ground in
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>> melissa: right now new developments in the crime stories we've been following. an officer shot and killed a 22-year-old woman who was involved in two hit and runs and struck a police officer with her car. another officer shot the driver. the police officer said she is -- the police officer hit is expected to be okay. a jury has been collected for the trial of a man charged with the murder of a mississippi teenager. 19-year-old jessica chambers died back in december of 2014. flames from her car burned more
8:26 am
than 98% of her body. the man who was with her that night, quintin telis, is facing murder charges. he could get the death penalty if convicted. police in pittsburgh say they are looking for the ex-boyfriend of a college student who was murdered. the victim's father found her body on the floor of her bedroom. she filed an order of protection against her ex-boyfriend after being arrested a few weeks ago for breaking into her apartment. >> when the flames came up, we came down here and you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. fire was 100 foot flames on both sides of the street. >> jon: firefighters in northern california working to put out more than a dozen wildfires that have left at least 11 people dead. the flames have been tearing through wine country since sunday night. adam housley is reive -- live there in napa. >> 14 hours since the wind blew
8:27 am
here at all. firefighters are cautiously optimistic that the fires in the within country area. they burned down hundreds of homes. at this hour they've burned up into a mountains more. there is no wind again they are cautiously optimistic. we got out yesterday to see some of the firefighters in action. got this video from eastern napa county. and you could see firefighters with two stations, one from santa cruz, two hours south. another one 30 miles to our west come together to fight fires in an area they don't even know. they were able to save this home. meantime the scenes aren't nearly as nice to just a bit north of there. the silverado country club area. this is where the pga golf tournament was on sunday. two hours after it ended roughly the ceremonies ended there this fire blew through that high-end and very densely
8:28 am
populated golf club burning down probably over 100 homes. they don't have the exact count there. it was unbelievable the devastation next to the fairways that people were enjoying watching pga golf are no longer there. that situation as you can tell in napa county and the north part of santa rosa, a lot of devastation here. they do believe the death toll will go up. it's now at 11. right now it is all about trying to make sure these fires don't go back in towards more homes and again they are cautiously optimistic they can get a handle on it. no containment numbers at this hour. >> jon: unbelievable. homes along golf courses you don't expect will go up in flames like that. >> i grew up down the hill here. this is all vineyard land. this was a rock winery. it wasn't a wood facility.
8:29 am
this was a winery and it blew up from flames. my brother watch it burn to the ground. our home is all right but around us two or three homes burned to the ground. my brother and dad -- we were here when it was still smoldering. the flames were flowing across driveways. the firefighters were telling me on the phone at this point, no structure protection for several hours just trying to save people. >> melissa: wow. >> jon: unbelievable. adam, thanks. >> melissa: tragedy at texas tech university when a campus police officer is shot dead. a student now charged with capital murder. a live report on what led to that shooting. plus hillary clinton coming under fire after sexual harassment allegations brought down hollywood mogul harvey weinstein. our political panel joins us on why.
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8:34 am
from harvey weinstein. a begging letter from a man far more used to bestowing flavors than pleading for them. in a sign of how complete his fall has been there is no evidence that any of his rich and powerful friends responded with the kind of help the movie mogul was looking for. in the email sent just before the weinstein company fired him harvey weinstein asked those with whom he has worked over three decades at the top to write to the company's board objecting to his firing. he says, quote, if you could write this letter backing me, getting me the help and time away i need and stating your opposition to the board firing me, it would help me a lot. i am desperate for your help. he then adds, quote, do not let me be fired. if the industry supports me, that is all i need. but the industry did not and does not appear to support him with more celebrities coming forward to express shock at the
8:35 am
extent of harvey weinstein's alleged abuse of women and to praise those who have come forward to tell their stories of abuse. jennifer lawrence who won an oscar for silver linings playbook said in a statement, quote, this kind of abuse is inexcusable and upsetting. my heart goes out to all of the women affected by these gross actions. and some breaking news on this story, melissa, "the new yorker" has just posted an extensive piece with far more women coming forward and telling their stories of alleged abuse. it is quite stunning to read. there is also an audio recording of one of the alleged instances of sexual harassment. also in about 2 1/2 hours here in l.a. is famed attorney gloria allred will introduce a former actress and screenwriter who hasn't spoken publicly and will tell her stories of abuse
8:36 am
at the hands of harvey weinstein. it is keep coming and snowballing all these accusations day-by-day and hour by hour. >> melissa: no surprise gloria allred is getting involved but it broke new ground on this story if it's trueing it's very explosive and shocking. thank you for that report. >> jon: apparently there are police tapes involved. conservative political commentator is blasting some democrats for now denouncing harvey weinstein. >> i have a question. why so silent on your boy, harvey weinstein? seems to me a powerful white man with a long history of sexual harassment would be at the top of your attack list. not this time. i wonder why? could it be because harvey weinstein is one of your own? could it be the wealth, power and long time support for the democratic party that has your tongue?
8:37 am
>> john holmes and jim kessler. co-founder of third way. josh, the silence among many democrats is pretty stunning here. >> this is it, right? we get to see what democrats meant when they say they're fighting for women. they're happy to fight all right as long as it is fighting a republican. as soon as the democrats have one of their own in this case harvey weinstein from all accounts seems like a complete scum bag, is a central figure in their fundraising apparatus for the last decade. a guy who played a major role in hillary clinton's presidential campaign, in president obama's president wall campaign. i ran a race for senate in kentucky in 2014 he was the number one bundler for the senate candidate. everything in the democratic party at this point, what is hysterical is nobody wants to talk about it now. happy to ask them for checks as
8:38 am
years. now who is harvey weinstein? >> jim, he worked for chuck schumer of new york, senator from new york. here is what he had to say about harvey weinstein back in 2014. >> he and i have been friends for a very, very long time. he is amazingly talented but also amazingly charitable. >> jon: you aren't hearing that from him these days. should chuck schumer and other democrats disavow harvey weinstein? >> they will. chuck is right. he is talented, generous, he is a pig, okay. that's what we are right now is pig. you can't blame chuck schumer in 2014 for not knowing that harvey weinstein is a pig today. >> i love it. the democrats have run like that for year. every possible war on women, right? >> look, it would be like blaming -- being accused of being a pedophile because you bought the thriller album.
8:39 am
harvey weinstein needs to be denounced. he is a bad person. but in 2014 you can be excused for not knowing what nobody knew except for several women who have very legitimate gripes against this awful monster, not knowing what the world didn't know until several days ago. >> jon: he gave nearly $50,000 to hillary clinton's presidential campaign. he and his family have donated $1.4 million is the number to various candidates almost exclusively democrats. he rented a house next to hillary and bill clinton in the hamptons a couple summers ago or they rented one next to his. his ties are very deep and with allegations of rape coming out from several women, the silence is deafening. >> to me i'm hearing things that democrats are saying. democrats are giving back money
8:40 am
that sort of thing. >> to their own super pack. that's worth examining. the dnc decided let's not hold onto the harvey weinstein money. we'll give it to a super pac that supports democrats. it is unbelievable. no end to the hypocrisy here. >> there is no difference between democrats and republicans on whether you could be a very, very rich donor and an absolute pig. i will say this. there is criticism about hillary clinton. she lives 3,000 miles from the guy, is not in the same industry as the guy and if we have a debate about which of the candidates for president is most likely to do something inappropriate sexually in an office environment she would not be at the top of that list for the candidates. this is a problem happening throughout america. i'm glad this is happening and he is being exposed. he is horrible. i don't think democrats have been silent on this.
8:41 am
they have been loud on this. >> jon: he gave between $100,000 and $250,000 to the clinton foundation. even "the new york times" has called on democrats like hillary clinton and bill clinton to, you know, disavow him. again, nothing so far. >> they have an obligation to, right? if you truly believe what it is you campaigned on and that you fight for women's rights, whether it comes in republican -- from a republican or from a democrat, you have an obligation to speak out in this circumstance. you have an obligation to say something about harvey weinstein. the president obama has said nothing. hillary clinton has said nothing. what does that message send to all the rank and file democrats up and down the ballots if the leaders of the party cannot say anything and donate money to their own causes, what about them? >> jon: you noted she lives 3,000 miles away from the guy, yeah, he is famously west coast.
8:42 am
her twitter reaches all around the world. her twitter page has plugged her appearance at stanford and her children's book but -- >> they said nothing about harvey weinstein. >> let me say something about this. i don't feel that it should be up to hillary clinton, the woman, to be the one that has to be the one that is denouncing harvey weinstein. he should be denounced. i would like to see more men both in the democratic and republican party, in hollywood, the captains of industry. it's the men that have to start saying things on this. hillary clinton gets blamed for the sexual -- of men that have nothing to do with her. i don't understand how she is in this conversation. >> she is married to one. >> she shouldn't be blamed for
8:43 am
anything bill clinton has done wrong or anthony wiener or harvey weinstein. >> everybody should do it. it's an easy call. >> it's time for the men's who are captains of industry to stop this. it's in the power of men to -- to end this horrible sexual behavior in the workplace. it is not in the power of women. it is in the power of men. >> jon: we have to go. i would point out she was the standard bearer of your party. nearly became president and that calls upon some kind of statement from her it seems to me. >> she is exiting politics. it is the next generation that should be talking about this and it should be the men who are talking about this. >> jon: jim, we'll have to leave it there. jim kessler and josh holmes, thank you both. >> melissa: we might have viewers that disagree with that last guest. it is everybody's responsibility. north korea celebrating the anniversary of its ruling workers party but could the
8:44 am
escalating war of words with the u.s. bring military action this year? >> international community has spoken but that means the u.s. army must stand ready. u think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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>> melissa: breaking news this hour. president trump has been hinting at a change of policy to deal with north korea as the rogue nation celebrates the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the ruling party. gordon chang is a author of a book and our asian analyst. this anniversary they are expected to do another rocket test or launch. it looks like they may not do that. how do you interpret that? >> north korea has been timing its launches not to their holidays but to ours for the last five years or so and last week we had this c.i.a. analyst
8:48 am
in washington predict there would be a missile launch on the 10th or shortly before. i think that almost guaranteed that it wouldn't happen because kim jong-un does not want to give the c.i.a. any credibility. but we know they will test these things because they have to improve their arsenal and so there will be a launch. it could be soon. we don't know which day. but it will occur. >> melissa: everyone who has ears are sick of saying all options are on the table. here is adam kinzinger interprets that phrase. >> in the past nobody has been serious about saying the military option is on the table. you see folks say well, military option is on the table. i say the military option is not good but the unthinkable thing is north korea with a nuclear arsenal that can exceed our ability to defend ourselves or our allies and what we're on track for. to put that on the table and say for 25 years the president is right, all we've done is say
8:49 am
we'll do something nice for you and north korea said cool, we'll take it and we'll also build nukes. >> melissa: do you disagree with that analysis? >> he is right. we've had liberal and conservatives and republican and democrat presidents haven't stopped north korea. we've always had something more important to do and we haven't been paying attention to the north koreans as they've been earning a lot of money around the world. the one thing president trump has done with his september 21 executive order is to stop this flow of money going into north korea and this actually has the potential of disarming the north koreans short of the use of force. >> melissa: because it is hard to believe that one man can hold a gun to an entire nation's head. he has to sleep at some time. he is bribing a lot of people in his country for other goods he gets in. if there is a way to stop there flow. is there another military option?
8:50 am
you've heard people talk about is there a pulse bomb or something put in place and disable some of these systems? something short of nuclear war? >> there are. and one of the things i think that the united states needs to do is to stop the flow of missiles that north korea sells to iran and to other customers. a lot of those travel by sea and we can interdict those. the north koreans sell a lot of stuff to the middle east. we cannot permit that to continue. we have to use our navy and air force to stop that. by the way, in terms of disabling their grid, the south koreans just 24 hours ago talked about a graphite weapon that would disable north korea's electricity power. >> melissa: i'm surprised we don't hear more about that. we'll talk about it more next time. thank you. >> jon: a deadly shooting at a campus police station. why the teen suspect was brought in in the first place and the charges he faces now. we're live with details. the best simple salad ever?
8:51 am
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>> coming up, noon hour in the east. democrats not ruling out a government shutdown if they can't reach a deal with the gop to protect immigrants brought here illegally as children. if it comes to that, which party takes the political fall? >> liberals are not happy democratic senator dianne feinstein will run for reelection. they claim she is too moderate for the trump era. what does this say about the state of dems? >> nancy pelosi may run, too. >> melissa: new information now on the deadly shooting of a texas tech campus police officer at the police station
8:55 am
with a 19-year-old student now charged with capital murder in the case. casey stiegel is live in dallas with more. casey. >> this shooting no doubt sends a fear through a very large college campus last night. about 36,000 students, the size of texas tech down in lubbock. it was placed on lockdown. people told to shelter in place as police searched for the gunman. he was on the run for an hour after fatally shooting a university police officer. it happened at the campus police station after the freshman was brought in for alleged drug possession. police say before he fled the scene, 19-year-old hollis daniels ripped the body cam off of the dying officer and took it. daniels was later apprehended near the school's football stadium and the camera was recovered. this is exclusive video gathered by our local fox
8:56 am
affiliates in the region as he was being taken into jail last night. watch closely here. you can see him say something. our photographer on scene says daniels casually asked what's up as he was being escorted in. minutes later you can see the accused murder suspect then smiled for his mug shot and now we're getting word from authorities that he admitted to, quote, doing something illogical. the university's president releasing a statement that reads in part please join me in extending our prayers and heart felt condolences to the family of one of our texas tech police officers who was mortally wounded monday evening. we don't know much about that officer. that person has not been identified yet by officials. a campus spokesperson says the suspect's mother had called the university asking that they go check on her son because he was suicidal. a whole lot more to come out on
8:57 am
this potentially but a sad story down there, melissa. >> melissa: thank you. we'll be right back. i don't know why i didn't get screened a long time ago. i kept putting it off... what was i thinking? ok, mr. jones... we're all done. i told you it was easy. with life line screening, getting screened for unknown health conditions is so quick, painless and affordable, you'll wonder why you hadn't done it before. so if you're over age 50, call now and schedule an appointment near you.
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>> thanks for joining us. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. mother nature at its worst at this point. 11 people at least are dead. 1500 homes, businesses destroyed and the onslaught of quick moving wildfires in northern california. 17 large fires have burned more than 115,000 acres. the speed and intensity of the flames shocking people who lived there. the wildfires have scorched properties from trailer parks, feeling through both tiny rural towns and subdivisions. some of the largest of the fires and napa and sonoma counties, home to dozens of wineries which attract tourists from all around the globe. the fires are already among the deadliest in california history. we will bring you the news as we get


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